About the AET Emblem

The emblem we have always used to identify us, which looks like our initials, is an ancient love symbol. Elkin came across it in the sixties, before we met, in a little shop in Old Town in Chicago. It was a bronze medallion in a box marked "Love." A friend who is a calligrapher said he had seen it in a calligraphy book, and believed that it was Roman and thatit includes all the letters in the Latin word for love, AMATE.

Recently, another friend gave us a book called "The Book of Signs," by Rudolf Koch, and there it was on page 31 in the section called "Other Christian Signs." Underneath it are two words -- AMATE! LOVE! To us, it is a wonderful and mysterious symbol of our union -- our own love symbol. Elkin was wearing the medallion around his neck when we met.


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