Our Travels - A Photo Gallery

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The Chef
Holding down the dessert table. Hey, somebody's gotta do it.
Mothers, past and present
"A table for 2 by the window for the Thomases, please."
Grabers galore, the Chef, Dr. Bill and Ellie
A plethora of Mothers types
Tuning up while Dr. Bill tells the story --" ... a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there were some mothers, this Rolling Rock, and these two Texans ..."

Photos from previous "Spaghetti Dinners"

Photos and captions courtesy of Dr. Bill Ryan

A & E Dinner 1988
Cold Rolling Rock in the Cooler
What better use for a British car?
The Second A & E Spaghetti dinner, 1986
A & E Dinner, 1988
"Don't Talk - East"
A & E Dinner, 1988
Solving the World's problems, 1988
The Second A & E Spaghetti dinner, 1986
"Have some dessert"

Dr. Bill also sends these photos he took
of A & E at the beautiful
Owen Sound Festival in Ontario in 1986

Reflections at Owen Sound, 1986
On stage at Owen Sound, 1986
On stage at Owen Sound, 1986

Still Traveling

"Meet our dog, Scout, the trusted and dependable driver of the Prairie Eagle."
"Our dog, Katy, the backseat driver and boss, ever watchful and keeping her eyes on the road."
The 'Texan' in Lake City, Colorado -- the most beautiful place to perform on Planet Earth. "And the river she flows on around the bend. . ."
The City Hall, Pitkin, Colorado, site of Aileen and Elkin's concert this past July. This print is from an original watercolor by Maxine Daniel, Pitkin resident and friend of Aileen and Elkin's.

If you have photos of Aileen and Elkin in concert, we'd love to have prints for this site. Send them to Aileen and Elkin Thomas, c/o Shantih Records, P. O. Box 122, Foxburg, PA 16036.


More Travel Photos

Cooperstown, NY on their way to Troy, NY. Aileen and Elkin stopped to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. Here Aileen poses beside her beloved Pittsburgh Pirates.

Cooperstown, NY. While visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame, Elkin stopped to admire the Batting Stance of the NY Yankee Lou Gehrig, a player for the ages.

Don Gallagher and Elkin Thomas at Wartrace, TN

Gallagher Guitar Shop, Wartrace, TN. Randy comes to our rescue.

Wartrace, TN. Elkin with Mike Longworth and Jean Gallagher.

Wartrace, TN - Gallagher Guitar Shop. Beautiful flowers graced the table at reception and open house held at the shop in Wartrace on Friday afternoon. Craftsmen at work in the photos are founder J. W. Gallagher on left and son Don Gallagher on the right.

Calsonic Arena, Shelbyville, TN. Some of the folks who brought their Gallagher guitars to the 32nd Birthday Party pose for a picture.

Calsonic Arena, Shelbyville, TN. Left to Right, Elkin Thomas, Doc Watson, and Don Gallagher.