Article from FOLKSTUFF, Ithaca, NY
Aileen and Elkin Thomas in Concert by Ginny Gartlein

Ever wish you could sit down on a back porch in Texas watching a spectacular sunset and just let the world flow by you? It's hard to get such an opportunity but an evening with this Texas duo is about as close as you can come. Their music is an experience not to be missed.

Aileen and Elkin Thomas are seasoned musicians who have been on the road together for a good number of years. They also produce their own records. They have a distinctive "down homey" flavor without being maudlin. Their instrumentals are pleasant and solid without being frilly. Their relaxed delivery provides excellent background for the songs.

Elkin writes most of their songs with a special blend of country life and heartwarming peace. Aileen's bass rhythm and pretty harmonies blend beautifully with Elkin's singing as well as with his guitar, harmonica and banjo playing. A smooth flow and well tuned harmonies demonstrate years of experience. This is a couple obviously at ease with their music.

The lyrics of the Thomas' songs tend to be strongly visual. Listeners will picture such things as country roads, soaring red-tailed hawks, a country dance, and socializing around the woodstove. A familiar theme is the solid faith that belongs to all who live near the earth despite the hard work that may be involved. Their songs genuinely bring out the good things in life as well as appreciation and responsibility for the world around us. Their music makes it downright pleasant to be alive.