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Welcome to Shantih Music, home of Aileen and Elkin Thomas. Aileen and Elkin have recorded six albums on Shantih Music. Listed below is a summary of each title. All of Aileen and Elkin's songs are published by Shantih Publishing (ASCAP), and have been published in the Thomases' songbook, called "Shine On Me." Details below.

CD's and Tapes

Music of Life

NEW!!! -- Just released in April 2000
See the review by Ernie and Patti Hill

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This collection of twelve songs is titled MUSIC OF LIFE, after Elkin's lyrical song of the same name. Among the other selections are Elkin's SONGS IN THE NIGHT and INTO SPIRIT SPACE, which are two different visions of the inner life; two new banjo songs - BEND IN THE ROAD, written about A&E by their old friend, Randy Rogers, and ASHES ON THE WOLF, written with Ron Schuh, Elkin's friend from Wisconsin; a new lullaby called SENECA MOON; a couple of new 12-string songs - Elkin's RUN TO THE RIVER, a powerful piece about the hero's journey, and Aileen's love song, I'LL GO WITH YOU; our versions of songs by two of our favorite artists -- John Denver's PERHAPS LOVE and Bill Staines' THE ROSEVILLE FAIR; Elkin's FOUNTAIN OF LOVE, a musical meditation inspired by Thomas a Kempis' Imitation of Christ; and Aileen's GUARDIAN PINES, about her grandmother's house beneath the Welsh pines.


Aileen and Elkin Thomas

Their eponymous first album, a soulful and satisfying collection. (See Review)

Aileen and Elkin Thomas Album Cover

Favorites like "Gee Jake," a loving tribute to Elkin's Aunt Maedell and the joys of simplicity; "Lady, That's How Long I'll Be In Love With You," Aileen's favorite love song; "Bethesda's Pool;" "Halls of Time;" "Come Alive, Country Lady;" "Livin', Country Style;" "Palominos;" "Phone Calls;" "Back to the Hills;" "Soft Pipes, Play On."

Available on cassette and Compact Disc (as one half of the "Two By Two" CD). Orders

Arise, We Must Be Growing

A definitive work, with all-time favorites like: (See Review)

Album cover for the combined Two by Two

"Rocky Mountain Rainbow," a musical memory of a magical day spent high in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado; "Homecoming Sunday," the popular 'Singing School' song, which tells of Elkin's earliest musical training in shaped-note singing; "Shine On Me," the moving anthem that is being sung all over the world; "Are You Ready;" "Arise, We Must Be Growing;" "Blackwater River;" "Prairie Eagle Song;" "Georgetown;" "Little Boy Blue."

Available on cassette and Compact Disc (as one half of the "Two By Two" CD) Orders

Album cover for Two by Two

Two by Two

A combination album containing:

The above two albums are on one extra long CD. Orders

The Journey

Their most popular album, featuring their signature song, "The Journey." (See Review)

The Journey Album Cover

The title song, "The Journey," inspired by the words of Black Elk, and featuring their unique harmony whistling; Gail Davies' foot-tappin' "Takin' My Bucket;" Bill Staines' lovely song, "River;" Elkin's ode to springtime on the prairie; "HomeAgain," David McKnight's brilliant tune, "Celebration Reel." Also "Come Sing With Me;""Denton County Boogie;" "Just As I Am Was A Country Boy;" "SidewalkMan;" "Squeely's Cove;" "Wonder of the Morning."

Available on cassette and Compact Disc. Orders

A Handful of Honeysuckle

A Handful of Honeysuckle Album Cover

A critically-acclaimed collection, gentle and reflective.

Featuring "Jolie Girl," Elkin's wonderful song that was a hit for Marty Robbins; "Keep On Asking," which takes us to 'the tundra of the soul;' and the beautiful and haunting "Benediction," which is being heard at the end of many worship services these days. Also "Before We Say Goodnight;" "Going Afar;" "Lost River;" "Tomorrow;" "A Handful of Honeysuckle;" "A Piece of the Rainbow;" "She Carries Me On;" "The Last Thing On My Mind;" "Sing To Me, Guitar;" "Springtime in the Country."

Available on cassette and Compact Disc. Orders

Circles of Rhyme

Perhaps Aileen and Elkin's personal favorite.

Circles of Rhyme Album Cover

Featuring their thrilling version of Fred Small's great song, "The Heart of the Appaloosa," which tells the story of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce; their beloved concert closer, "I Bid You Goodnight;" the "Home Medley," which is a delightful arrangement of the beautiful Karla Bonoff song, sandwiched between Stephen Foster and Earl Scruggs; "Railroading on the Great Divide," the great old Carter family favorite; "A Song of Spring," which captures the raw joy of springtime, and is Aileen's favorite song of all time; "Laura's Lullaby;" "Bannersong;" "Circles of Rhyme;" "Hearts of Love Coming Home;" "Walnut Valley Medley."

Available on cassette and Compact Disc. Orders

Like a River

Like a River Album Cover

Featuring "The Arabia," which tells the story of a great sidewheel steamboat that sank in the Missouri River in 1856, and whose salvaged cargo is now fabulously displayed at the Arabia Museum in Kansas City. Also "Lift the Wings" from the phenomenal "Riverdance;" "Willow John," a song Elkin adapted from a poem in Forrest Carter's book, "The Education of Little Tree;" the title song, "Like A River," based on First Corinthians 13; three songs from the Psalms: "Awake Harp and Lyre" (Psalm 108), "Turtledove and Songbird" (Psalms 130 & 131), "I Will Sing" (Psalm 104); a traditional Hebrew folk song called "Lecha Dodi;" Eric Andersen's "Thirsty Boots;" and a new benediction called "The Blessing." Also "Calas;" "I'm Not Alone;" "We Lift Our Voices;" "How Long/Love Is A Rose," a medleyof the old Neil Young and Jonathan Edwards songs.

Available on cassette and Compact Disc. Orders

Angel of God

"Angel of God" Sheet Music

Shantih Music is proud to announce the release of a beautiful new song for Christmas by Aileen and Elkin Thomas. It is called ANGEL OF GOD. Shantih Music is releasing it as the "Angel of God Choral Arrangement".



Shine On Me: The Songs of Aileen and Elkin Thomas. (See Review)

A collection of music, pictures, poetry, and musings. The music for every original song on the first five albums -- 41 songs in all. Lovingly compiled, with commentary on every title from the composers. Also, favorite pictures and poems (Rilke, Blake, Eliot, and Neihardt), and easy-to-play instructions that make the music accessible to beginners. Aileen says in the introduction, "These songs have been our curriculum in our own journey of spiritual transformation. Somehow, we never tire of singing them. They are still a source of comfort, healing, and great joy. They tell us who we were, and remind us of who we have become." And Elkin adds, "Because of music, we have shared together the One that goes by the name of Love, Truth, Beauty, Spirit, God. We must continue coming together for the singing and playing of music, and encouraging others to join us." Make a joyful noise -- read along, pick along, sing along, journey along with Aileen and Elkin.

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